Retina & Glaucoma Appointments

If you’re having a Retina or Glaucoma specialist appointment, it’s helpful to keep these things in mind.

The entire appointment, including waiting time between tests, may take up to 2 hours (or longer). Please prepare yourself and your driver or companion for this. Time spent at this appointment is not wasted time, it is an investment in your eye health.

• Your appointment time for the visit with your doctor may include several tests

• These tests may take 10-20 minutes each (depending on the test)

• The doctor will take the necessary amount of time, depending on the problem, and includes a thorough examination of your eyes and an explanation of the results of your tests and examination.

• All treatment options will be explained and arranged for you after discussion

Appointments with a specialist can be time-sensitive. The doctor may have ordered that you be examined within a specific time frame so as not to allow disease progression.  If you cannot keep this appointment, please contact the office as soon as possible. 

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