contacts markcourtneydrop 1Delaware Eye Institute has certified contact lens technicians on our staff with over 27 years of contact lens fitting experience. This allows us to fit the correct contacts for you whether you are already a contact lens wearer or just considering them for the first time.

Striving to find the lenses for your particular needs is our goal. Whether fitting soft daily wear, two week extended wear, monthly, toric lenses for astigmatism, gas permeable or multifocal contacts, our experience and patience will provide a successful fit. Corrected vision through healthy, affordable and convenient service is a commitment you can count on at all of our locations.

We know the health benefits of contact lenses can be overshadowed by the cost, so we're committed to providing the most healthy, affordable and convenient service available anywhere. We can set up a program so you can order lenses online with us and mail them directly to your home.

Although soft contacts or convenient daily and monthly disposable lenses were once reserved solely for minor near or far-sightedness, sufferers of astigmatism can now enjoy the benefits of these types of contacts too.

Contact Lenses FAQs

Do I need an appointment to be fit for lenses?

Yes. Our staff can help set up an appointment for you to be fit for contacts on the same day as you see one of our doctors. Please make sure you let us know you want to have a fitting so we allow enough time on the schedule.

Do you fit contacts for astigmatism or keratoconus?

Yes. We have extensive experience fitting patients with astigmatism and also patients with many other types of corneal diseases.

Can anyone wear contact lenses?

Most people can be fit comfortably with contact lenses for vision correction. However, it is important to first discuss this with your doctor to make sure you do not have some underlying condition which might causes problems when trying to wear contacts.

Are there bifocal contacts?

Yes. We have extensive experience fitting bifocal contacts. Also, some patients prefer monovision correction, where one eye is focused at distance and the other for near. All these options will be discussed with you during your fitting appointment.